Vicious Dominion

Vicious Dominion Vicious Dominion


Format: Full-length Album
Type: Jewel Case CD
Genre: Melodic Power/Speed Metal
Country: Greece
Catalog ID: NRR052
Label: No Remorse Records
Release date: June 16th, 2014
Playing time: 43 minutes
1. From Ashes Reborn
2. Lords of Deceit
3. The Order
4. Angels at War
5. Legion Lost
6. Vicious Dominion
7. Aeons
8. Grim Steeds
9. Eye of the Storm

In the year of 2014, CROSSWIND unleashed their eagerly awaited full-length album, "Vicious Dominion", setting the metal community ablaze with fervor and acclaim from fans worldwide. This monumental release not only garnered massive support but also resonated with enthusiasts, earning resounding praise.

The album showcased CROSSWIND's trademark ferocity while introducing a heightened level of richness and refinement. Within "Vicious Dominion", the band expertly wove maniacal riffing into sweeping orchestral arrangements, entwining intricate guitar harmonies with multi-layered, multi-octave vocals.

The relentless force of the fine-tuned rhythm section served as the backbone, contributing to the album's unrelenting sonic onslaught. In the wake of "Vicious Dominion", CROSSWIND firmly established themselves as a powerhouse in the Greek metal scene.