Opposing Forces

Opposing Forces Opposing Forces


Format: Demo EP
Type: Jewel Case CDr
Genre: Melodic Power/Speed Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: March 2009
Playing time: 17 minutes
1. Nephilim Rising
2. Weavers of Nightmares
3. Awakening
4. Walk in the Shadows (Queensrÿche cover)

March of 2009 marked the next chapter in CROSSWIND's melodic power/speed metal saga with the release of "Opposing Forces" demo EP. Following the success of "Beyond", this offering showcased the band's continued dedication to refining their distinctive sound.

The EP featured three new original compositions that seamlessly blended melodic finesse with speed-driven intensity, exemplifying CROSSWIND's musical evolution. A notable addition to this release was their rendition of Queensrÿche's "Walk in the Shadows", a homage that demonstrated their ability to pay respects to the genre's early icons while maintaining their unique stamp.

"Opposing Forces" not only reinforced CROSSWIND's position in the melodic power/speed metal realm but also hinted at the band's capacity for innovation and reverence for metal traditions. With this release, CROSSWIND solidified their presence as torchbearers in the ever-evolving landscape of melodic metal.