Format: Demo EP
Type: Jewel Case CDr
Genre: Melodic Power/Speed Metal
Country: Greece
Release date: 2007
Playing time: 19 minutes
1. Eye of the Storm
2. Virtue & Malice
3. 300
4. March of the Slaves

In the evolution of CROSSWIND's musical odyssey, the year 2007 bore witness to the release of their compelling demo EP, "Beyond". A seamless continuation from their inaugural offering, "Dark Omens", this release further solidified the band's prowess in the realm of melodic speed metal.

With a runtime of 19 minutes, "Beyond" unfolded like a sonic tapestry, adorned with four masterfully crafted songs. Each track exhibited a harmonious fusion of melody and speed, a testament to CROSSWIND's unwavering commitment to refining their distinctive sound.

The EP not only showcased the band's technical finesse but also marked a crucial milestone in their journey, laying the groundwork for the magnetic melodies and dynamic compositions that would become their trademark in the years to come. "Beyond" stands as a vibrant chapter in CROSSWIND's sonic narrative, a testament to their dedication to the art of melodic speed metal.